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Obervations (Pillow Book)

PLEASING THINGS An egg sandwich composed of an egg with salt and freshly ground pepper sprinkled on top, between two slices of soft wheat bread. Each bite is a delight. Warm Sencha green tea in a blue ceramic cup painted with white peonies one one side of the white handle, and yellow hibiscus with red stamens on the other side.

The precision and economy of words and a New Yorker "Talk of the Town" piece.

A chilled glass of Arnold Palmer with clinking ice cubes in a parfait style glass on an unseasonably hot day.


The stately, old, majestic valley oaks, california oaks and redwoods lining the streets of Lindenwood. It is they who live here. I am a visitor.

A mother overwhelmed with the day's work and what is yet to come, her eyes moistening as she says, "I am hoping to go for a walk sometime today."

AMUSING THINGS A father pauses a meeting to urgently received and send text messages on his phone, then relaxes and declares "OK, everything's fine. The children will not be on the street!"

The writer proffers an elbow in response to my extended hand, murmuring apologetically "I have a cold." We do an elbow bump.

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