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Junot Diaz's reading of "Islandborn" at Kepler's Menlo Park

Junot Diaz read from his new children's book Islandborn at Kepler's bookstore in Menlo Park. It was a sold out event, which started with an introduction and slide show by Junot, followed by a reading from the book. Diaz wrote it 20 years after he promised his goddaughters that he would write a book for them. The stunning illustrations are by Leo Espinosa.

The Q&A session began with "the young people" who had good questions:

-How did you think up a Blanket bat?

-Is the monster a dictator? -What are you talking about?

Then the "old people" (aka grownups) got to ask questions. The exchange was intense, brilliant & profound. Like Junot Diaz himself.

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