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"Gratitude Journal"

To those who sat out this election, thank you. Thank you for your apathy. Thank you for your self-absorption. Thank you for not getting your irresponsible asses out of your couches and into the polling booths. Thank you for the votes (in some cases, still too close to call!) by which this election was lost. Thank you for a Trump presidency.

Thank you for the next four years. Thank you for turning back the clock on climate change, inclusion and equality.

Thank you, Louis Farrakhan, for your inflammatory statements which kept people at home instead of going to cast their votes. James Comey, thank you for the same.

To those of you who did go to the polls, thank you for leaving your choice for President blank. Thank you for abdicating your single biggest responsibility. Yes, you too, George W. Thank you, for another example of your poor judgement.

Thank you for the fear in the hearts of countless Americans. Thank you for the waving of confederate flags on Veterans Day. Thank you for the surge in the use of the alt-right word "cucks" to insult, demean and terrify our diverse neighbors.

Thank you for preserving the glass ceiling. Thank you for the heartache of millions of women. Thank you for the shock in my daughter's face when I told her the election results. Thank you for the knots in my stomach every morning.

Thank you for Kate McKinnon's wrenching rendition of Hallelujah. "I'm not giving up, and neither should you."

Four years from now, thank you for voting to redeem yourself.

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