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The Billionaire and the Beach

There is a man named Khosla

A Silicon Valley type

With SUN he made his billions

And then he found a gripe

He bought a beachfront mansion

In lovely Half Moon Bay

Where the stresses of the Valley

Simply fade away

There is an entrance to Martins Beach

On which Khosla put a lock

I have a property right, he claimed,

Which the people may not mock

The Surfrider Association said

That simply will not fly

The Coastal Act of ‘76

Is the law, which you can’t defy

Oh, California Supreme Court

Said Khosla and his team

Won’t you squelch this ruling?

Of exclusiveness we dream

The CA Supreme Court

Said to Khosla and his team

The ruling stands, open the gate

Khosla, find another dream

There must be open access

That is the law of the land

The beach belongs to the people

In their way you must not stand

Oh, Khosla, Khosla, Khosla

Open up the gate

We are fining you 20 grand

For every day you wait

See you in court, said Khosla

My beach I will protect

from every surfer and bum


Please let me keep it locked

The riffraff drives me crazy

They really must be blocked

Your hubris is astounding

Say people far and wide

The beach belongs to everyone

Khosla, don’t die by the tide

It comes to this, Khosla

What is it that you want

What childhood nightmare makes you act thus

What shadows upon you haunt

Here’s a disruptive idea

Khosla, withdraw the case

You can put an end to all this

It’s not too late for Grace

Put a fresh coat of paint on the gate

You’re entitled to change your mind

It’s not too late to save face

Add “Welcome” back to the sign

How do you wish to be remembered?

As a respected leader of Tech

Or a crusty old curmudgeon

Whose reputation is a wreck?

With this frivolous lawsuit

Don’t get your undies in a bunch

You’ve spent a portion of your billions

But you will lose is our hunch

The Selfish Giant, one remembers

Creation of Oscar Wilde

A wall he built in his garden

To keep out every child

Winter stayed in his garden

While spring came to other parts

It stayed and stayed until the day

He had a change of heart

Let go of the selfishness

Khosla, open your heart

In the next chapter of your life

Let hubris not rule the chart.

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